“I’ll definitely go next year.” — says every person who is currently not at San Diego Comic Con. (via l-o-k-i-hiddleston)


#that moment after she kisses him #how she turns around with her eyes closed #savoring the moment #she’s so fucking happy #still on the high of them #weeks spent beneath the sheets #his hands mapping her body #her lips tasting his skin #weeks of contagious smiles #and looks that still say much more than they could ever put into words #it’s them now #and they’re both so fucking happy #FAVE (via tellme0urstory)

Brooke Davis appreciation week » day 4: favorite heartbreaking moments

Chandler Bing’s Best Comebacks Part 1

  • me: *wakes up*
  • me: wheres my phone
  • me: *rips off blankets*
  • me: *hears loud thud*
  • me: there it is


All Caskett Kisses in 500px

In the Belly of the Beast ➡ Kiss 2


30 Days of Castle. Day Twenty-Seven: Episode You’ve Watched The Most Times - ‘Cops and Robbers’ (4x07)

Because if you pull that trigger, I will walk through those doors and personally put a bullet through your skull.


What’s your favourite Caskett kisses?